Rating: PG
In our tradition of presenting a holiday classic, A WONDERFUL LIFE certainly fits the bill. George Bailey’s story remains a timeless tale of dreams, love, and the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.
Based on the classic Frank Capra film starring James Stewart, the story closely follows the original plot, set in 1945, telling the story of a suicidal man whose guardian angel reveals to him how different the world and everyone whose life he has touched would be had he never been born.

Carved Cherry Glazed Ham
Apple Cider Turkey
Bourbon Meatballs
Seafood Alfredo
Vegetarian Lasagna
Sage Dressing
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Compote
Creamed Peas
Corn O'Brien
Ham Steak with Cherries, Apple Cider Turkey, Tilapia Bearnaise

The matinee is a plated lunch served at the table with your choice of one of the options from above. Any all all menu options are subject to change without notice.

11/13/2015 - 12/27/2015
Previews:  11/11/2015 - 11/12/2015

80 Years of Elvis
Rating: G
Join us on New Year's Eve for this one-of-a-kind concert that celebrates the best known songs from Elvis including "That's All Right, Mama", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Suspicious Minds", and "Burnin' Love". We divide the show into three separate acts that highlight the three distinct eras of the King's career: Young Elvis from the 1950's, The '68 Comeback Special, and The Vegas Years (jumpsuits and all), complete with authentic costumes and top-notch musicians. Don't miss the one salute to Elvis that has it all, your chance to "Remember The King!"

  • "Remember The King" Packages and Prices
    12/31/2015 - 12/31/2015

    Rating: PG
    A timeless tale. A haunting score. A stunning production. The mesmerizing PHANTOM is a sensation that enraptures with beautiful songs and characters more richly developed than in any other version, including the original novel. The story traces the obsession of the disfigured composer who falls in love with his protégé only to be undone by his passion. A theatrical rendition of Gaston Leroux’s classic novel.
    1/15/2016 - 3/5/2016
    Previews:  1/13/2016 - 1/14/2016

    Rating: PG
    QUAD CITY PREMIERE! America’s favorite comedy whodunit delights audiences with its unique blend of madcap improvisation and spine-tickling mystery. Shear Madness takes place in a hairstyling salon and is chock full of up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor. During the course of the action, a murder is committed and the audience gets to spot the clues, question the suspects, and solve the funniest mystery. The outcome is never the same, which is why many audience members return again and again to the scene of the mayhem. This is the longest running comedy in history! It has played for over consecutive 30 years in Boston and 26 years at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
    3/11/2016 - 4/30/2016
    Previews:  3/9/2016 - 3/10/2016

    Rating: PG
    AREA PREMIERE! This feel-amazing Broadway musical comedy is based on the hit 1992 film featuring Whoopi Goldberg and has audiences jumping to their feet! Filled with powerful music, outrageous dancing, and a truly moving story about a woman hiding in a convent who helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she rediscovers her own.

    When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in one place the cops are sure she won’t be a found: a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique disco moves and singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community but in doing so, blows her cover. Soon, the gang is giving chase only to find them up against Deloris and the power of her newly found sisterhood.
    5/6/2016 - 7/2/2016
    Previews:  5/4/2016 - 5/5/2016

    Rating: PG-13
    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This hilarious musical parody staged to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles. See what millions of women worldwide have been laughing about for 14 years! Set in a department store, four women with seemingly nothing in common but a black lace bra on sale, come to find they have more to share than ever imagined. The cast makes fun of their woeful hot flashes, forgetfulness, mood swings, wrinkles, night sweats and chocolate binges. A sisterhood is created between these diverse women as they realize that menopause is no longer The Silent Passage, but a stage in every woman’s life that is perfectly normal! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!® *Contains adult language and content. Not recommended for children.
    7/8/2016 - 8/27/2016
    Previews:  7/6/2016 - 7/7/2016

    Rating: PG
    AREA PREMIERE! MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the new smash-hit musical inspired by the famed recording session that brought together rock 'n' roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. On December 4, 1956, these four young musicians gathered at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever. MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET brings that legendary night to life, featuring a score of rock hits including "Blue Suede Shoes," "Fever," "That's All Right," "Sixteen Tons," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Who Do You Love?," "Matchbox," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Hound Dog" and many more.

    This thrilling musical brings you inside the recording studio with four major talents who came together as a red-hot rock 'n' roll band for one unforgettable night. Don't miss your chance to be a fly on the wall of fame... at MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET!
    9/2/2016 - 11/5/2016
    Previews:  8/31/2016 - 9/1/2016

    Youth Theater Musicals
    Rating: G
    The Most Famous Reindeer Of All is a twist on the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer story. Kids and parents can enjoy the classic story brought to life in a new musical adventure about a reindeer who simply wants to fit in. Along the way, Rudolph will encounter friends like Sammy The Snowflake and Ike the Elf. He will also face off against Evilla the Ice Witch! Br>



  • 11/27/2015 - 12/27/2015

    Rating: G
    It's Junie B's first day of first grade and a lot of things have changed for her: Junie's friend Lucille doesn't want to be her best pal anymore, and on the bus, Junie B. makes friends with Herb, the new kid at school. Also, Junie has trouble reading the blackboard and her teacher Mr. Scary thinks she may need glasses. Throw in a friendly cafeteria lady, a kickball tournament, and a "Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal", and first grade has never been more exciting! Featuring a tremendously loveable character and fun-filled songs, Junie B. Jones will capture your hearts just as the books capitivated an entire generation of students!
    4/19/2016 - 5/21/2016

    Rating: G
    This is the story of a friendly crocodile who turns up in a bathtub in an apartment in New York City's Upper East Side. Lyle becomes good friends with the folks in the building, except for Mr. Grumps, who hates Lyle, parades, people, and pretty much everything. Lyle helps those around him learn that they should not judge others by how different they appear to be, but to love people (and crocodiles) for what they are!
    6/21/2016 - 7/23/2016

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