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Donation Request Guidelines


Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse is glad to have the ability to serve our community and patrons in as many ways as possible, including supporting great causes through donations to charity events.  However, due to the sheer volume of donation requests we continue to receive, we are not able to fill every single one (though we very much wish we could).

Organizations must meet the following guidelines to be considered.


Donation Guidelines

  • Must be a Non-Profit.

  • Donation requests for charitable events to support non profit organizations in the states of Illinois and Iowa will be considered.

  • Must fall under one of these categories: Education, Veterans, Community Service and Health Organizations.

  • Fundraisers to benefit an individual or families are generally not honored.

  • All donation requests must be submitted on organization letterhead.

  • Requests must include the name of the nonprofit organization, date of the fundraiser, the purpose and beneficiary of the fundraiser, contact name and information, and an address to which the donations should be sent.  Incomplete requests cannot be fulfilled.

  • Requests should be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the event.

  • The donation will be mailed to the requested address.

  • One request per organization will be considered per calendar year.

  • Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.


Donation requests must be submitted through email or US Postal mail only.  Requests via phone calls will not be honored.

  • Due to the sheer volume of requests we receive, we are unable to send a personal response to every submission and only a small percentage can actually be honored. Please do not phone or visit the theatre to follow up on a request you have submitted.

  • If Circa '21 is able to donate to your event, it will be in the form of a voucher for and will be valid for six months following your event. 

  • Thank you for understanding that if we donated to your organization or event in the last 24 months, we will try to honor other requests first, so that we process all requests as fairly as possible.


Submit your request by mail or email to:

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse

Attn: Lisa Rohm

1828 3rd Avenue

Rock Island, Illinois 61201

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