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Circa '21 offers a memorable,

fun, and educational field trip for preschool and elementary students. 

Simply by attending the performance and having a brief discussion afterward, you can address several curriculum stands.  Student Activity Packets are available, free of charge, for all of our children's productions.  Studies have shown that field trips to live theatre help young people to retain facts, process information, and engage in big ideas, enhancing both literacy knowledge and social emotion skills.   Grant Opportunities




The Perfect Family Event!

Our children's productions are entertaining

for children and adults!  Whether a family gets together over the holidays or at a birthday celebration, with a party of 12 or more, you can enjoy discounted tickets and a flexible time period in which to pay. 


Celebrate your child's birthday here at Circa '21!

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Middle and High School Workshops

Annual Excursion Into Professional Theatre for Middle School and High School Students.

Since 1978, Circa '21 provides an annual event to enlighten, engage, and support the youth of the Quad City area through introductory theatre workshops, a live performance, and a unique opportunity to meet professionals in the field.

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Girl and Boy

Scout Days

Boy Scout and

Girl Scout Discount Days

Bring your boy/girl scout troop to a children's production and receive an exclusive discount

on our Scout Days!


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Girl Scout Workshop Days are held annually in the Spring!  With limited availability, this event sells out quickly.  Information About Girl Scout Workshops



Student Groups

Contact Us

Contact Lisa Rohm for school field trips and family parties as

well as Middle and High School Workshops and Scout Days.

309-786-7733 x 312


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