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We are casting our summer musical:

Set your mind on island time and plan your escape to Circa ‘21’s premiere of ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE, the new musical comedy about choices we make —and the people we become — once we’ve had a change in ‘latitude’. ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE, features both classic Jimmy Buffett and an original song with a story that revolves around a part-time bartender/singer who falls for a career-minded tourist. Welcome to Margaritaville, where people come to get away from it all — and stay to find something they never expected. Get ready for an hilarious and heartwarming musical with the most unforgettable songs from one of music’s greatest storytellers. This hilarious, heartwarming musical is the party you’ve been waiting for!


Circa ‘21 Resident Musical Director, Ron May, will be working alongside guest director Amy McCleary to bring ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE to life on the Circa ‘21 stage. Amy and Ron recently teamed up for the spectacular productions of WE WILL ROCK YOUDISASTER, and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER here at Circa 21.


Character Breakdown:

**The role of Tully has already been cast



Female - 27-39, Any ethnicity

Fully committed to her job and helping the world. An environmental scientist, she usually manages to suppress the part of her that enjoys a good time. Willing to put in as many hours of hard work as it takes and expects everyone else to do that same. Suspicious of fools and operators, Rachel is not easily distracted from her life plan. Intense, super smart and a loyal friend. Strong mix/belt with folk/pop tendencies. 



Female - 30-39, plus-sized actress, Any ethnicity

Loyal friend to Rachel. She is cheerful and always ready for a good time. Sees the best in people and has a zest for life that is often squelched by her fiance, Chadd. Her low self-esteem manifests itself as denial in her own life. Strong belt.



Male - 30-39, pus-sized actor, Any ethnicity

The Island bartender. Oafish with a big heart and a good friend to Tully. Not the brightest bulb, but sensitive and thoughtful. Willing to put himself out there emotionally and able to admit when he’s scared. Tap dancer. 



Female - 40 - 60 - needs to be a contemporary of JD - POC

No-nonsense and assertive with an island accent. She runs the resort and keeps everyone in check, but clearly cares about her employees, her customers, and J.D., an older island denizen. Great singer.



Male – 60+, any ethnicity

A Vietnam war veteran who comes to the island in search of joy and peace. A funny older man who is crotchety yet endearing. He is losing his vision and hearing, but won’t acknowledge it. Wizened and good-natured, slightly tipsy at all times, he’s always writing his memoirs on bar napkins and, as it turns out, he's lived a full life. Plays the ukulele. 



Male - 20 - 40, POC

General helper around the Island. Comedic chops. Ideally plays ukulele. 



Male - 30 - 40, Any ethnicity 

Tammy’s fiancé. Chauvinistic, cliche aging frat boy who is clearly the wrong man for Tammy. 



Female - 20 - 30, any ethnicity 

Waitress on the island. Dancer - part of the ensemble. 



Singers and dancers with tap, strong partnering experience and vocal chops. Vacationers, party guests - all ages and types. 



Please include your resume and headshot; a verse and chorus of a song from the show or a contemporary song in similar style;  a short contemporary monologue; and include your dance reel, if applicable. (Those submitting for JD and Rachel do not need a dance reel) 


Casting preference will be given to those performers who have been fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID 19. ​Production dates, including 2 weeks of rehearsals, are June 29–Sept. 9, 2023. All roles in this professional production are paid.


Submissions will be accepted

through April 9, 2023

​Questions and submissions should be sent to

Denny Hitchcock at

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